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this guy faking to be G member

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G this guy faking to be G member

Post by KingA on September 25th 2011, 11:48 pm

this guys is faking to be old school gi member GiBot`

[22:39] GI'BOT (ibotonu): yeh
[22:39] GI'BOT (ibotonu): i call him king
[22:39] GI'BOT (ibotonu): Smile
[22:39] GKиġẬ (greatindian): i dont know u
[22:40] GI'BOT (ibotonu): yes u do
[22:40] GI'BOT (ibotonu): ...
[22:40] GI'BOT (ibotonu): lol
[22:40] GKиġẬ (greatindian): nope
[22:40] GI'BOT (ibotonu): wtf
[22:40] GI'BOT (ibotonu): i met u wast week
[22:40] GKиġẬ (greatindian): nope
[22:40] GKиġẬ (greatindian): where?
[22:40] GI'BOT (ibotonu): ...
[22:40] GI'BOT (ibotonu): nocommet
[22:41] GKиġẬ (greatindian): k
[22:41] GKиġẬ (greatindian): ibot didnt have this xfire
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): i had 2 make a new
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): 1
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): my
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): bor
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): chaged pw
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): then
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): he
[22:41] GI'BOT (ibotonu): moved
[22:42] GKиġẬ (greatindian): whats ur brothers name
[22:42] GI'BOT (ibotonu): jonathen
[22:42] GKиġẬ (greatindian): lol ibot is indian
[22:42] GKиġẬ (greatindian): so ur fake?
[22:42] GI'BOT (ibotonu): no
[22:42] GI'BOT (ibotonu): lol
[22:42] GI'BOT (ibotonu): wtf
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): fine'
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): u think
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): im face
[22:43] GKиġẬ (greatindian): i know i bot personally
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): fu
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): im
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): not
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): but
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): wat u think
[22:43] GI'BOT (ibotonu): is wat u think
[22:44] GKиġẬ (greatindian): lol whatever
[22:44] GI'BOT (ibotonu): ??
[22:44] TiKZGk aka gOKS! (mexzongoku): rape lol
[22:44] GKиġẬ (greatindian): he is fake dont believe him
[22:44] GKиġẬ (greatindian): i know ibot and he dont play halo anymore
[22:45] TiKZGk aka gOKS! (mexzongoku): kk ;D
[22:45] GKиġẬ (greatindian): we live in the same city
[22:45] TiKZGk aka gOKS! (mexzongoku): oh o.o
[22:45] TiKZGk aka gOKS! (mexzongoku): when we come back to halo? o:
[22:45] GKиġẬ (greatindian): yes

lmao he said he is ibot and had to get new xfire cuz he forgot pass or something
i asked him whats ur brothers name and tada pawned:)
he lied big
i know ibot personally, and his brother too. big lier. fake shit.
this guys is probably some noob who gets banned from our server all the time

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